Check On Where You’re Storing Specific Types of Wines In Your Wine Cooler

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You can take practically any kind of wine that you’ve got and secure it inside your wine cooler with ease. Regardless of the types of white or red wines that you have, you can use a fine wine cooler to take care of the many different wines that you have in your home. You can certainly benefit from having a great wine cooler in your home if it is used the right way.

However, you have to be certain when storing wines that you are fully aware of what you are getting out of your cooler. You must make sure that you store your wines right and that you are fully aware of how you’re going to keep them organized.

If you don’t store your bottles the right way then it might be rather hard for your wines to stay pure and full-bodied. The excess clinging and shifting of bottles and the contact that they can get into with regards to being too crowded can cause fatigue on your wines. This can cause them to age much faster than what you might normally get out of those wines.

Store By Zone

A great part of many of today’s wine coolers is that they can include different cooling zones. That is, one zone can be set with a temperature level that is different from what the other has. This can be perfect if you have a mix of white and red wines to store.

If you have a variety of wines then you may want to pitch in for a wine cooler that is capable of operating with multiple zones in mind. If you don’t have too many wines or you tend to lean towards one type of wine other the other then you might be better off choosing a cooler that only works with one zone at a time.

Look At Your Bottle Sizes

The amazing thing about today’s wine industry is that it has set up a convenient standard with regards to how big wine bottles are to be. A typical bottle is supposed to be around 750mL in size for the most part.

This is a good total but it is essential to understand that there are often times when you might have to adjust your cooler based on the key physical parameters that come with certain wine bottles.

For instance, you might have to look to see if the bottles you have can actually fit into the cooler based on their lengths. That is, you must be able to store a bottle in there on its side. You may have to remove a few racks from the inside of your cooler in the event that you need to store it vertically.

Also, look to see if there are any grooves on your wine cooler’s racks. These grooves are often designed to hold standard wine bottles in their place and to keep them from clanging against each other.

Review the Racks

All wine coolers have their racks organized in a variety of forms. Some coolers have rack slots that are positioned at points to where you’re more likely to find wines stored in shelves that are a little wider than others. This is typically for the convenience of those who have larger jugs or other big bottles to work with.

In addition, some coolers have racks that don’t contain any grooves. That is, you can place any bottle in there provided that the bottle is not wide enough to where it will crowd up the space or not even fit.

You should check on the individual racks that you have and then review where you will store your wines in conjunction with those racks. Always choose the right spots to store your wines in based on what you feel is appropriate and how well the wines can be secured in such spaces.

Be careful when storing your wine bottles in a wine cooler. As convenient as such a cooler can be, you need to be certain that the cooler you have can actually handle your wine bottles the right way. You should be certain when finding such bottles that you are choosing to store them in spots where you know they will fit well in for your storage convenience.

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