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Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine Cooler: A Solid Option All-Around

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For wine lovers, a cooler is an essential addition to the home. Whether you’re a casual drinker or a connoisseur, keeping your wine at the correct temperature means you’ll enjoy every sip. The Antarctic Star wine cooler ensures temperature stability for all of your beverages, with a sleek design to suit your décor.

With the ability to hold 26 standard-sized bottles of wine, this cooler can safely store both red and white, although it’s a very tight fit with all 26 inside. Horizontal racking keeps space efficient and is a safe way to store even the most delicate wines. The Antarctic Star is also able to hold more substantial bottles, such as champagne sized bottles, as well as being ideal for other beverages. Bottled water, beer, cider, or soda can all be housed within and kept at the perfect temperature — making this cooler great for parties and other social gatherings.

SizeCooling ZoneCooling SystemInstallation TypeMaterial Type  
26-bottlessingle zone
temperature range: 40º – 61ºF
compressorfree standingdual-pane glass door
movable stainless steel shelves
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Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine Cooler

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Keeping your wines in a controlled environment helps to preserve and protect both young and aged bottles, maximizing their potential flavor and character. The Antarctic Star wine cooler keeps wines and other beverages at the perfect temperature to store and enjoy for both wine lovers and connoisseurs.

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Optimal Temperature Control

It is essential to ensure that wine is kept as close to the optimal temperature as possible. Heat causes wine to degrade, and if kept too warm for too long, it can become unpleasant to drink. 55°F is often cited as the perfect temperature, and this cooler has you covered. The Antarctic Star has a temperature gauge ranging from 40°F to 61°F. This range means you can choose to keep your white wines very chilled, have your reds at the optimal temperature, or keep other beverages a little warmer. The choice is entirely up to you.

As such, the Antarctic Star wine cooler is exceptionally easy to operate. Inside the door is a panel with an on-off switch and the temperature dial. The temperature rotation button allows for precise temperature control, suited to your liking and your wines.

Three-Dimensional Air-Cooling Cycle

The efficient cooling system of the Antarctic Star keeps your wine and other beverages at the correct temperature. An inside fan allows air to circulate, reaching every corner of the cooler. This keeps temperatures steady and consistent throughout, meaning you won’t encounter spots which are warmer or colder than others. A patented “three-dimensional air-cooling cycle system” works to keep your wine perfectly chilled — the entire cabinet temperature is maintained to +/- 1°F for your peace of mind.

The Antarctic Star wine cooler has a double pane glass door. This door is designed to protect your wine from harmful UV rays, which can be detrimental if your wine is exposed to them. The double-pane prevents UV rays from reaching your wine, as well as keeping internal temperatures steady. This means humidity levels are kept perfect, maintaining the condition of your wines for as long as they are in your cooler.

Additionally, the double-pane glass door seals tightly to make sure your wines are stored in a stable, natural environment. The door is reversible to suit your preference, opening with both right and left configurations. This allows you to place your cooler anywhere, for your convenience.

Removeable Racks and Interior LED Lighting

Inside the Antarctic Star cooler, stainless steel and glass shelves hold your wine bottles and other beverages. Stainless steel ensures the shelving will never rust, preserving the integrity and durability of the cooler. The shelving racks are removable for easy cleaning. They can also be adjusted to fit larger or smaller bottles or beverages of unusual shapes and sizes. This wine cooler is designed to accommodate you and your preferences.

A set of LED lights with a soft hue of purple-blue illuminates the interior of the cooler. This light allows you to see your wines easily, the color showcasing your collection. This kind of light won’t damage your wines like some other harsh lights — and it’s cool tones make this wine cooler look remarkable.

Adjustable Legs, Positioning

The Antarctic Star wine cooler is freestanding, meaning it can be placed anywhere in the home that you’d like. Two leveling legs are positioned at the front, adjustable to ensure the cooler is level, and the beverages inside are safe. Designed to look sleek and sophisticated, this cooler is a stylish addition to any room in your home.

Quiet Running Mechanism Limits Vibrations

Carefully designed to protect your wine, this cooler is quiet running and does not eminate vibrations. Vibrations during operation have the potential to disrupt sediment, compromising the quality of your wine. With no vibrations while cooling, the Antarctic Star minimizes damage to your wines, preserving them properly. The quiet running ensures you will not be disturbed while the cooler operates.

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