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Aobosi 28 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

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With a 28-bottle capacity and a dual zone cooling system, the stylish Aobosi Wine Cooler will enable you to store a good range of both white and red wines. With several features, such as wooden shelves that have been designed to reduce the risk of your bottles being scratched and a unique child lock system, the Aobosi has all of the features that you would expect it to have, and a few more that you might not have thought about.


SizeCooling ZoneCooling SystemInstallation TypeMaterial Type  
28-bottlesdual zone
upper zone: 41-54°F
lower zone: 54-68°F
compressorfree standing
stainless steel frame & handle
double glass door
wooden shelves
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Stainless Steel Frame & Handle

Stainless Steel Frame & Handle

All wine enthusiasts will know the importance of having a storage solution that is both attractive and functional. No one wants to keep their prized wines in an eye-sore of a cooler. The Aobosi is a wine cooler that has been designed and built with looks and practicality in mind.

The stainless-steel frame and double tempered glass door give the Aobosi a classy look that would fit great in virtually any home. The standard blue LED backlight is present in this model, as it is on every other model. However, in this case, it helps to highlight the contrast between the stainless-steel casing and the wooden shelves seamlessly. The wooden shelves give this cooler a unique look and keep your wine bottles scratch-free, allowing for you to display your collection in good taste. Each shelf has also been specially treated to protect them against moisture, so they will remain strong and odor free.

The double glassed door is another feature that has been created to help you show off your wines, while also keeping them safe. The glass door not only allows you to clearly display your wine collection, all the time, but it also prevents harmful UV rays and lights from penetrating your bottles and affecting the quality of your wine.

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How it works

This wine cooler works by using dual cooling zones and a powerful compressor system, to ensure that your bottles are kept at the optimum temperature at all times. The top zone operates at a temperature of 41-54°F for whites or other cooler-served bottles, while the lower zone can be maintained at a temperature between 54-68°F for a variety of reds. To adjust the temperature in each zone, you simply need to use the touch control panel located in the center of the refrigerator.

The powerful compressor system in this cooler also means that once the temperature has been set for either zone, the cooler will reach the temperature at an impressively fast rate.


Aobosi Wine Cooler - Wood Shelves

Wooden Shelves

As already mentioned, this wine cooler has been designed to be both attractive and practical, and here you’ll see some of the features that come together to make this wine cooler user-friendly.

The smooth sliding wood shelves are each shaped to carry different numbers of bottles, with some strong enough and designed in a way that enables them to hold a maximum of eight small bottles. Each shelf can be removed individually so that you can easily and safely reach the wine that you want to, or fit oversized bottles.

The built-in compressor in this wine cooler means that the Aobosi runs on a low operating noise of 42 dB, so you don’t have to worry about having to listen to it running in the background all the time.

The dual cooling zone also means that you don’t have to choose between keeping red or white wines, as you can keep both at their optimum temperature without having to purchase two separate cooling units. Plus, as this cooler can be installed as a built-in refrigerator or left as a free-standing unit, the Aobosi can be placed wherever you feel it would be best located.

The digital control system allows for the temperature to be adjusted in each zone with the touch of a button.


The Aobosi measures at 14.96 x 22.83 x 33.27 inches and weighs 31g, so it is one of the larger refrigerators on the market.

The maximum capacity of the Aobosi is 28 bottles, making it a great choice for any wine enthusiast looking to upgrade their collection.


  The double glass door protects your wines from harmful UV rays.

  The digital control is easy to use and allows for you to alter the temperature in each zone with the simple touch of a button.

  This compressor system is quiet.

  The wine cooler can be built-in or freestanding, giving you more choices on where to place it within your home.

  The wooden shelves reduce the risk of your bottles being scratched.

  This wine cooler comes with a child safety lock.

  Depending on how many bottles you want to store inside, the wines can be placed differently on the shelves which adds a unique element to the way that you can display your collection.

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  Fitting 28 standard sized bottles into this wine cooler can be done, but it will be a tight squeeze. If you do want to fit 28 bottles in, some will have to be placed in opposite directions and as a result, they will not be visible once the door is shut which is a shame for anyone looking to display their collection to visitors.

  The door must be opened in order for the temperature to be adjusted.

  The built-in LED light stays on, so you won’t want to place the cooler in any room that you want to be entirely dark. Although, it could be useful at times as a nightlight.

Editor's Rating

Design Points 9.5
Technical Points 8.5
The Aobosi 28 bottle wine refrigerator is overall quite good, and it comes with a one-year warranty.
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