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Avalon Bay AB-WINE21DS Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

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The average wine drinker can sometimes be put off purchasing a specially designed wine refrigerator/cooler by the simple fact that many models on the market are designed for the avid wine enthusiast. While some people may dream of nothing more than storing their wines in the most lavish way possible, others simply want something that, yes, is stylish but more importantly, does the job well.

The Avalon Bay Dual Zone Wine Cooler is a great starting point for an aspiring wine enthusiast, but it is also perfect for the average wine drinker. With a compact design, sleek look and big but not too big capacity, it’s brilliant for storing wines in and around the home.


Avalon Bay AB-WINE21DS

The first thing you notice about the Avalon Bay Wine Cooler is its sleek, black exterior, complemented beautifully by the stainless-steel trim around the door. As with most wine refrigerators, the Avalon Bay comes with the standard built-in LED blue light. Present in each cooling zone, the blue light can be seen through the clear glass door and transforms this refrigerator into a modern and trendy addition to any room.

The Avalon Bay is fitted with six, removable, chrome wine racks. The ability to remove the shelves means you can play around with the number used inside the cooler and can, therefore, simultaneously alter the way that the interior of the wine cooler looks. Removing the racks will allow for the storage of larger bottles while keeping them in will enable you to clearly display 21 standard sized wine bottles inside. The option to adjust the interior makes it easy to alter this model to suit your own needs—a must for those who enjoy a very wine variety.

As this is a dual zone cooler, you can have both your red and white wine bottles on display at all times, without having to clutter up your home by investing in two separate coolers.

How it works

The Avalon Bay Wine Cooler is powered by a thermoelectric cooling system that has been designed to be both silent and vibration free. The cooling system is further aided by the thick insulation and the double pane glass door, all of which works together to keep your wines safe and perfectly chilled. The thermoelectric system works by constantly transferring a flow of cool air around the refrigerator. The constant airflow keeps the temperature well-regulated and ensures your wines are stored in optimum conditions at all times, no matter where in the refrigerator they are located.

As this is a dual zone model, each section can be set at a different temperature to allow for the storage of both red and white wines. The upper zone can be set for 44-64°F, while the bottom zone can be set for 51-64°F.

There are independent thermostats for each zone, which can be controlled by using the touch buttons on top of the model. The individual thermostats allow for an accurate temperature to be set, which helps to better preserve the flavor of your wines.


This wine cooler can hold up to 21 standard sized wine bottles and is operated using a simple touch button system, making this an idyllic model for the emerging wine collector or average wine drinker.

The wine racks slide in and out with ease, giving you quick access to your wines.

Each zone is operated using a set of easy touch button controls that can be found at the top of the model. The temperature is set simply by pressing the plus or minus buttons until each zone is at your desired level. The LED display can be adjusted to show either Celsius or Fahrenheit, whichever would be your preference.

As the temperature gauge and adjustment buttons are located at the top of the door, you can easily see and access the controls – even if your cooler is placed as a free-standing model on the floor.


The Avalon Bay Wine Cooler is 21.63 inches long x 13.63 inches wide x 31.63 inches high.

This compact model is free-standing and can be easily placed anywhere in your house, from the kitchen to your home bar or dining room.


The refrigerator comes well packaged and, once removed, simply needs plugging in. Very simple to get set up.

This model comes with a one-year warranty, for added peace of mind.

The removable shelves allow for you to adjust the interior to suit your needs, and make cleaning the inside of the wine refrigerator as easy as can be.

Simple touch-button controls located on the top of the door makes adjusting the temperature in each zone simple. The location of the gauge also means that it can be easily seen, even if the cooler is used as a free-standing model on the floor.

The strong suction door and the thermoelectric cooling system work together to ensure the temperature inside the cooler is kept constant.

The dual zone means that you can store your white and red wines together, all in one place as each zone can be set at a different temperature to best suit the wine inside.

As this is a compact, free-standing model, it is well suited for easy placement throughout your home or restaurant and can be placed on the floor, within a cabinet or on a sideboard.

The air vents are located on the sides, so, providing the model is given a minimum of 1-inch clearance (though more is recommended), it can be located in almost any area within your home.

The temperature display can be adjusted to show Celsius or Fahrenheit with no trouble at all.


The removable shelves are a little bit flimsy, so you do need to be careful when removing wines.

As with many models, the Avalon Bay has been known to struggle to regulate the inside temperature when the outside air is hot.

The cooler works better when placed in a well-ventilated area, which can be frustrating if you had planned to keep it within a cabinet.

This model omits a lot of heat, so a good amount of clearance on either side is required.

As with most wine refrigerators, the blue LED light on the Avalon cooler means that it’s best placed in a room that you won’t require to be entirely dark at any point.

You can fit larger bottles into this cooler but only if you remove some of the shelves, which therefore reduces the overall capacity that you can store at once.

Overall, this is definitely a recommended model. With the same courtesy that you ought to show any wine cooler, this will definitely will do the job well.

Unfortunately, this model is not available right now. We suggest you check our best wine coolers guide.

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