Cleaning the Wine Cooler Is Easy To Handle

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You would not want to open up your wine cooler to reveal some ugly odor or a bunch of sediment in the way, would you? You need to clean the inside of your wine cooler if you want it to stay effective and to keep you from bearing with all those annoying hassles.

The best part of the process that you’ll read about here is that it’s made with a natural and safe solution. It doesn’t involve the use of bleach or chemical-based cleaners to take care of all the spaces in your fridge.

Prepare the Cooler

To start, you have to unplug your cooler and remove the wines from it. Be sure to move those wines to another spot where they can stay chilled just to be safe.

You must also carefully remove the shelves from your cooler. You will have to clean them off just like with the rest of the cooler.

Prepare the Right Solution

As great as it can be to use bleach to kill off germs inside your wine cooler, bleach can generate scents that can harm your wines. Chemical-based cleaners can be even worse as they will contain harmful components that can linger around the walls for a while and potentially contaminate your wines or at least make them weaker. Therefore, you need to stick with a safer solution that will not influence the bodies or flavors of your wines.

You can mix a solution that is made of half-water and half-vinegar instead. You can mix these two together and then prepare them inside a spray bottle. Vinegar is a known antibacterial product that is safe to use and can quickly cut through all the annoying stains and trouble spots in your fridge.

Spraying the Cooler

The mixture that you just prepared should be sprayed around many spots within your cooler. You can spray the mixture onto all the walls within the cooler. You can also spray this onto the individual shelves that you took out. Make sure everything is sprayed as evenly as possible so every surface will be covered.

You must then use a soft material to wipe down the surfaces. You can always use a sponge but any soft towel that will not leave any fibers or other things around the surface can be used as well.

It helps to target every surface and corner of the cooler. This is to ensure that it will be completely cleaned out.

Letting It Air Out

After you are finished scrubbing the surfaces around the cooler, you can let everything dry out. You must leave the door open while also keeping the racks open and out in the air. You need to get plenty of air to move around all these spots so it can dry off the surfaces.

Fortunately, it will not take all that long for these surfaces to fully dry up. It often takes a few minutes for the materials and their associated scents to be cleared out. In addition, the potential for the diluted vinegar to cause any changes to the quality of your wines will be rather minimal.

Adding the Wine Back In

After you are finished, you can add the wines back into the cooler. First, you must plug the cooler back in and then set up the proper temperature that you want to use. This should give you plenty of time to get the cool air back into the fridge as you restock it.

Be sure you place the racks back into the fridge and then add the wines into their right spots. Try and keep them in as consistent of a space as possible. That is, they should all go into the same places that they were originally stored in. This is to see that you will have them all organized to your liking.

This process for cleaning your wine cooler is very easy to handle. You can use this as often as needed to clean out the inside and to ensure that there are no annoying odors or other bothersome bits of debris on the inside of the cooler. It is all to not only keep the cooler comfortable but to also ensure that it will not develop serious problems relating to keeping the wines in your place chilled and in their best possible condition.

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