Do wine aerators actually work?

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You may have seen people using wine aerators when pouring their wine and wondered, does that actually do anything? Well the answer is simple: YES! It really makes a big difference in most wines, and if you do a taste test of the same wine straight from the bottle in one glass and an aerated wine in another glass, you’ll see for yourself.

The way that it works is the aeration brings about a chemical reaction in your wine. Aerating it brings about oxidation and evaporation. Oxidation is beneficial because it levels out the taste of the wine. A quick taste test will allow you to tell the difference. Evaporation purifies the wine by causing sulfites and other unwanted ingredients to naturally rise out. It cuts down the acidity of the wine. The result is a significantly smoother flavor.

Wine aerators come in many different sizes, shapes and materials. You can attach most aerators directly to the mouth of your wine bottle. They typically come as a spout that is shaped to fit into most wine bottles. Some aerators are designed for you to hold though, kind of like a funnel. You simply pour your wine through and watch it pass down into your glass.

The type of material that your aerator is made out of shouldn’t make a difference. If you do decide to go with a plastic aerator, you should check to make sure that it’s BPA-free. This will prevent you from contaminating your wine with microscopic bits of plastic residue.

An aerator is not exactly the same thing as a decanter, but they are very similar. Decanters are usually decorative and are designed to remove sediments. They also hold your wine for serving. Aerators do not remove sediments, as the wine simply passes through them. Either aerating or decanting will get the job done. It just depends on whether or not you’d like to retain the sediments for a bit of a palpable texture or not.

If you are really getting into the spirit of drinking wine and wine culture, then you definitely need an aerator. And for those guests you have over that don’t know exactly what an aerator does or why you even have one, you can allow them to try a taste test as well. They’ll be blown away by the difference a quick aeration can make in the flavor of your wine.

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