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Dual Zone Support Bolsters the Wine Enthusiast 48 Bottle Free Standing Cooler

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As great as it can be to have a large wine cooler that can handle dozens of bottles at a time, there is certainly going to be a need to make sure you can actually keep them chilled with the right conditions in mind. This especially comes amid the need to use different temperature settings for white and red wines among others. However, you don’t have to worry about this when you have a cooler that offers dual zone support. That’s exactly what the Wine Enthusiast 48 Bottle Free Standing Cooler has to offer.

This Wine Enthusiast model offers a strong body that is capable of storing an extensive number of bottles. You don’t have to worry about different types of wine having to share the same temperature setting when you use it.

Design Features

The first point to see in this cooler is the way how it is designed. You can choose to go with either a stainless steel or solid black design on the outside. Either way, the shelves will all feature wooden ends and wire rims.

Both options include the same two-door setup. These Thermopane glass doors will keep the air inside the cooler at a consistent level while also keeping UV rays from easily moving into the space. There are also pull handles on each door. You can even use the locks on these doors to keep them secure.

This is a free standing cooler that is 33 ¼ inches high. It also weighs 103, thus meaning that it should be placed on a standard floor surface.

Technical Points

The dual zone feature is the most important point about the cooler to watch for. This means that there are two separate climate zones that will be generated within this cooler. These two separate zones are divided up in half and will create different climates for specific types of wine. This is the biggest feature of the cooler to talk about as it ensures that you’ll have full protection over all the wines that you have to store.

The temperature ranges on each zone are different from one another. The left zone can work at conditions from 50 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, the right zone will go from 54 to 64 degrees.

Each door has a control panel on the top. You can use this to change the temperature within each zone. As a result, you will keep your specific wines chilled at the temperatures that you are supposed to keep them chilled at.

The sound level from this cooler is only 30 dB. Wine Enthusiast compares this with the sound that comes out of a quiet library. This is perfect as you won’t have to worry about any motors being overly loud and bothersome while the cooler is in use.

How Much Can You Store?

Wine Enthusiast has designed this cooler to make it so you can quickly store up to 48 bottles of wine. This is thanks to the use of up to fourteen shelves being used within the cooler at once. You can pull out and replace the coolers as needed. This is perfect for when you have to store a slightly wider champagne, sparkling or magnum bottle or even if you have to store a slightly taller Riesling or California Red bottle.

The wire racks are also designed to keep the bottles from shifting around. They will also allow more air to move through the racks without being any harder to use than necessary. This could give you a little more control over the settings that you have to work with if used the right way.

You can always use the blue LED light to find bottles if you are ever having a hard time finding certain bottles within your cooler. In fact, you can turn it on or off through the control panel on the front of each door. This light can also make for a fine decorative accent without generating any added heat.

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Editor's Rating

Design Points 9.0
Technical Points 8.5
You should see what the Wine Enthusiast 48 Bottle Free Standing Cooler can do for you as you are looking for a way to store your wine the right way. This cooler can be perfect for large quantities of wine as it will not only protect your wine but also keep from having to use the wrong temperature settings for certain types of wine.
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