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Haier 18-Bottle Dual Zone Review

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Having been introduced to wine and enjoying the perfect wine experience overtime, when using a smaller wine cooler, an upgrade is surely in the offing. For people who are looking to start a small wine collection, then the Haier 18-Bottle Dual Zone wine cooler is a great option. This unit lets you collect a good number of your favorite wines and store them in the most conducive environment for the perfect pour when you decide to indulge. To avoid placing any limitations on your choice of selection it comes with dual zone capabilities for optimal storage of both whites and reds.

As far as designs go, the Haier 18-Bottle Dual Zone wine cooler comes with an appealing look including a sleek, steel finished amber tinted door. This opens up to reveal chrome painted metal shelves and a soft internal LED light. Placing this unit on a kitchen counter will not only blend in with other modern appliances in the kitchen as well as complement the entire look for an enhanced better appeal. The internal light keeps your collection visible from the outside in one of the most appealing displays. The design will definitely have you sold at first glance even without looking at the feature offering.

This is a dual zone unit accommodates both white and red wines in separate compartments. The compartments have independent thermostats to help you select the appropriate storage temperature. Whites can be set at 46-66F and reds at 54-66F. This means that whichever wine you do decide to partake at any time, it will always be at the optimal serving temperature, ready to pour. You will also be impressed by the modern touch screen controls that come with dedicated and highly appealing digital display screens for each compartment. This moves to show just how modern the unit is designed to be. Operation is also made easy by the user friendly controls as well.

Value is always important when it comes to buying any appliance. In this case, buyers will definitely appreciate the value offered by the highly durable chrome shelves on the Haier 18-Bottle Dual Zone. The unit comes with 9 chrome shelves designed to fit any wine bottle size without affecting the capacity. These racks are rust resistant considering that the environment inside the unit can get moist and hence bring on rust which would also affect the wine bottle appearance and the storage conditions as well. The shelves can also be easily pulled out when needed, for instance during cleaning.

If you previously owned a counter top wine cellar before that relied on a vibrating cooling system then you can attest to the annoying nature of such a system. The Haier 18-Bottle Dual Zone wine cooler uses thermoelectric cooling. This top of the range cooling technology not only keeps your wine cool enough while consuming a lower amount of power but also keeps the unit as quiet as possible. If it were not for the internal lighting and temperature displays, it would be quite easy to mistake the unit to be switched off. All this is thanks to the ultra quiet thermoelectric cooling system.

Other features include the automatic defrost system, which keeps the interior clear and relatively dry at all times. Amber tinted glass door helps keep UV rays out. This helps maintain the quality of the wine especially since UV rays usually degrade wine over time.

The glass doors are double glazed to keep the cool air in and prevent any heat transmission through the glass. This insulation also enhances energy efficiency of the unit as energy wastage is reduced in cooling. The unit is rated energy star compliant.

When you decide to begin creating your own small wine collection you will need a larger capacity wine cooler. At 18 bottles, this unit is designed to provide the best foundation for beginners who do not want to waste money on larger units that will spend most of their time half full. The dual zone capacity is quite endearing as there is room for both white and red wines without compromising on the variety and quality of your selection. Even with the higher capacity the unit is still relatively compact and will sit comfortably on the kitchen counter.


Editor's Rating

Design Points 9.7
Technical Points 9.0
Haier designed this bottle to be large and prepared with a strong setup that is easy to use and enjoy. This can be carefully prepared with the intention of giving your space plenty of control to get your wine protected the right way.
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