How Deep Should a Wine Cooler Be?

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Most people take a look at the capacity of a wine cooler when they add such a unit in their homes. However, one point that they often forget to think about is the depth of the cooler.

The depth can be just as important to your cooler as any other measurement. You need a deep cooler that is capable of not only fitting in well with any cabinets or other surfaces in your home but is also able to handle the wine bottles you have to store. You should have a fine cooler that can do well for your storage needs so you will get all the coverage that you want without having to struggle for far too long with getting all your wines stored in a manner that is responsible and suitable for what you have.

What Depths Are Available?

To get a better idea of this point, you need to be aware of how deep different wine coolers can be. Today’s coolers are designed with depths that can vary based on the model you choose.

Most of today’s coolers come in depths from 19 to 21 inches. That is, the distance between the front of the door and the very back of the mechanics used is from 19 to 21 inches.

This depth is generally used to measure the physical characteristics of the cooler It does not necessary refer to how deep the inside storage space truly is. The thickness of the door and the materials used to cool off the wines should be placed into consideration as you choose a wine cooler based on its overall depth.

Where Will You Install It?

You need to be fully aware of how you are going to install your wine cooler. One critical aspect of how deep your wine cooler should be will be based on the space that you have for storing it in. This can include not only a countertop or wall area but also a space underneath your counters.

Many units can be embedded within your cabinets. This can allow the cooler to blend in with the rest of a space. Still, you need to measure the cabinets that you hold to see how deep they are. This is to determine if your cooler will stay intact or if it will stick out far too much. You may also want to add a bit of leeway for the electrical installation as this might entail a little extra space to get the electric components added so they can fully attach themselves to your cooler.

Check Out Your Bottles

Wine Bottles

You must be certain that you look at your wine cooler based on the bottles that you have to work with. This especially comes as different bottles can come in different lengths.

For instance, you may notice that a standard bottle of wine will be about 11 ¾ inches in length. This should be good enough for most storage needs. However, some bottles can be much larger if you have more wine in them. A magnum bottle will often be an inch or two longer as a means of accommodating all the added wine that will be found inside it, for instance. Of course, it might be very difficult to store some even larger bottles without having to remove some shelves to stack those bottle vertically.

In addition, many bottles for certain types of wine might be a little longer in length. A typical Riesling bottle will be about 13 inches long, for instance. Meanwhile, a California Red bottle will be 12 7/8 inches long. These standards are often used throughout the wine industry and will be consistent regardless of the type of wine bottle you are using.

This makes it all the more important for you to measure the inside of the cooler. While the depth of the cooler might be appropriate, this number that you see on the box for such a cooler may not be fully reflective of the exact types of wine bottles that can fit into the space.

You must make sure that you understand how deep your wine cooler is before buying one. The depth of the cooler that you choose should be reflective of the installation that you will have and the types of wine that you will store in your cooler.

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