How Large Should Your Freestanding Wine Cooler Be?

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If you’ve got plenty of wine and more than enough floor space to work with then a freestanding wine cooler can be a perfect place for you to store your wine in. Think of it as if it were its own refrigerator that was specially designed to cool wine above all else.

It’s a great innovation that can be easy to control and adjust based on the types of wine you want to serve. But do you really need a massive wine cooler?

An interesting thing about freestanding wine coolers is that they are often designed to handle dozens of wine bottles at a given time. Some coolers can handle fifty 750mL bottles of wine or more. They can even come with multiple cooling zones to target very specific types of wine.

Having plenty of space in your wine cooler can be great but sometimes it can get to be overkill. You may not have enough wine to fill in every single spot in your cooler. The last thing you’d want is a wine cooler that is just taking up space and is not giving you the coverage that you want for all your wine.

This does not mean that it has to be a challenge for you to find a good freestanding wine cooler. You need to use a few sensible pointers to help you figure out how large your wine cooler needs to be.

What’s Your Collection Like?

Take a careful look at the size of your wine collection. Think about what’s in there right now and what you’ve had in the past. You can use these measurements to give yourself an idea of how many bottles you might have on a regular basis.

Also, think about any plans that you might have for added wines in the future. These include wines that you can serve during a special event in your home.

Consider the number of wines that you’ll have to work with alongside their specific types as well. In some cases you may find that you could require a unit with two cooling zones if you have an extended variety of wines. A cooler that has multiple cooling zones will typically require more space on average. It may be wider and designed to look like a small refrigerator with two halves, for instance.

How Much Space Do You Have?

The amount of space that you have within your kitchen, den or other spot in your home for a wine cooler needs to be considered. A large number of wine coolers these days are about twenty inches deep or so. In addition, a cooler can be about 25 to 35 inches wide on average.

This is a good-sized footprint that can take up a good bit of space in your cooler. You need to be fully aware of how big the unit is versus the amount of physical space you have for storing your cooler. If you can prepare your cooler the right way then it should not be all that hard for you to get whatever you have stored the right way and with enough control.

The vertical clearance of the cooler should not be a problem. Most coolers are only going to be about three to four feet in height and should be easy to store within your property as desired.

What Wines Do You Have?

The statistics for specific wine coolers typically state the number of bottles that you can fit at a given time. However, this is for standard 750mL bottles of wine. There’s a potential you might have larger bottles or even some jugs to store. Also, your bottles might be taller or wider than those traditional bottles.

You have to analyze a wine cooler carefully based on not only how many wine bottles it can store but also how well you can adjust the many shelves and other features on the inside. Check your cooler with care to see that you’ve got enough coverage to work with.

Be careful when finding a freestanding wine cooler for your home or other place that you want it in. While it can be a perfect thing to have in your space, you need to be certain that it’s big enough to handle whatever you want to store without being far too extreme.

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