How Much Should You Be Spending On Your Wine Cooler?

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All your options for appliances need to be considered carefully before you buy them. That is, you have to look around to see what standards may fit in well with your cooler. The problem with so many wine coolers is that they can come in an extended variety of values.

The amount of money that you could spend on a wine cooler can clearly vary. There are some models that can go for about $100 to $200, such as the Igloo 6 bottle wine cooler, but most in that price range can handle ten or fewer bottles at a time.

Meanwhile, you can find some wine coolers that are worth a whole lot more. Some models that can hold a few dozen bottles, such as the Wine Enthusiast 48 Bottle Free Standing Cooler, can be $500 to $800 in value.

Don’t forget that there are lots of high-end models out there that feature massive bodies and several different controls. You could find a model that can hold 120 bottles for $1,400 or more in a number of cases, for instance.

It’s clear that the cost of a wine cooler can be rather high. You need to use a few parameters to determine just how much you need to spend on such an appliance. If you use these considerations right then it should be very easy for you to find a great cooler that will be convenient and suitable for a number of the requirements that you might hold when getting a cooler ready for use.

How Much Wine?

First, you must think about the amount of wine that you will be storing at a given time. As you just read, it will cost more to get a wine cooler that can hold more bottles at a moment. Check to see how many wine bottles you have as well as how many of them you definitely want to store at once. The last thing that you should be bearing with is having to spend more money on your wine cooler and then have lots of empty spaces in there.

Is It Built-In?

A built-in wine cooler can be convenient as you can install it into a cabinet or other wall space with ease. This can also help you prepare a good cooler without being forced into losing any floor space around your property. However, you will have to spend more on one of these choices than if you have a free-standing model.

A built-in cooler that can hold about fifty bottles may cost about $700 to get. Meanwhile, a cooler that is free-standing and has the same capacity may go for closer to $400 or $500. This added charge for the built-in model is essentially a sign of the model being more convenient.

Take a careful look at any spots that you want to install your cooler in as well. There are many great spots for you to choose from but it’s always a good idea to see how a cooler can be designed to fit in just well in all sorts of fine spots.

How Many Zones?

The benefit of having a dual zone cooler is that you can use two separate temperature settings, thus improving the ability of your cooler to work with different kinds of wine. This is convenient and advantageous but it will cost more money for you to use. This added cost comes from the general convenience of the feature but also because it requires added mechanisms. You might expect to pay at least $100 extra for a cooler that has this feature in most cases.

You should review the types of wine that you have so you can make the decision as to which option you need to stick with. The problem with having so many different types of wine is that they can often be harder to sort out due to having lots of different standards for keeping them chilled. Be certain when choosing your cooler that you are sticking with something that fits in with every type of wine you might have.

Always be certain that you review your individual needs for a wine cooler before making the call on which option is right for you. As great as a wine cooler can be, you must be certain that you have one that is comfortable and great to have.

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