Do You Really Need to Own a Wine Fridge?

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Any self-proclaimed wine connoisseur is likely to tell you that a wine fridge is a far more sensible choice to store and cool wine rather than a standard fridge. It is true that wine fridges have different properties compared to a regular fridge, but you might ask yourself, just how necessary are these fridges?

Let’s dive into what really makes wine fridges or wine coolers special and what kind of people truly benefit from them.

The Differences between Fridges and Wine Fridges

Some people believe that a wine fridge is no different than a standard fridge other than size and the shelving. In fact, there are actually several differences about a wine fridge that go beyond the look and size.

Firstly, wine fridges are designed to use specific temperatures that are optimal for preserving wine. Most standard fridges are actually several degrees colder than wine fridges. These temperatures are too cold for wine. They can end up tasting a little too tart or sour when excessively chilled, not to mention that it’s not good for the aging process.

The flavor of virtually any wine will benefit when it is stored at around 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit – depending on the variety. Owning a wine fridge will allow you to optimally cool wine without having to lower the temperature of your regular fridge and impact the quality of your food.

The shelving of wine fridges plays a role as well. Laying down the bottle horizontally will allow the sediments to be more equally dispersed which will improve the overall flavor of your wine. It’ll also keep the cork moist, which prevents deterioration. You probably don’t have enough space in your regular fridge to lay down multiple wine bottles which is another reason why owning a wine fridge could benefit you.

Regular fridges hold tons of different food items, so any aromas will have an impact on any wine stored in there and will negatively impact the taste. A wine cooler prevents this kind of cross-contamination from occurring.

Wine fridges are great alternatives to far more expensive options like building a wine cellar. While wine cellars can cost several thousand dollars, wine fridges can cost as little as $100.

Who Really Needs to Own a Wine Fridge?

While there is no denying that storing wine bottles inside of wine fridges is clearly the better option, the question for many people is just how necessary is getting one?

The answer to that question ultimately depends upon you, your lifestyle, how much you like wine and how much you drink it.

If wine is only something you occasionally partake in, such as buying a bottle or two only every few weeks or months, then a wine fridge is in all likelihood not necessary for you. Wine fridges should be thought of as an investment that will improve the quality of your wine’s flavor over a period of years, as well as allowing you to store bottles that you plan to drink soon in optimal conditions. That investment will probably not pay off if drinking wine is something you only do once in a blue moon.

Frequency of consuming wine isn’t the only factor, but how much you pay attention to the flavor is probably even more relevant. If you have been storing your wine in the fridge – or even leaving it out on your kitchen counter – all this time and do not have any issues with the taste, then you won’t need a wine fridge for yourself.

However, if you consume wine on a regular basis such as one or two glasses per day, or even once every weekend, then a wine fridge is definitely recommended. Whether you have wine every day or every week, a wine fridge will continually store your wine at optimal temperatures so that it will always taste fresh and delicious.

Anyone who wants to take their wine tasting a little more seriously will definitely benefit from owning a wine fridge. With the improved flavors these storage systems provide, you will be able to improve your palette and better detect the differences between wine that is properly stored and cooled versus wine that isn’t.

In short, a wine fridge is a no-brainer choice for anyone who drinks wine often or is interested in exploring the world of wine tasting more seriously. Casual partakers of this drink, in terms of both frequency and taste, do not need to feel pressured to spending a couple hundred dollars on a new kitchen accessory.

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