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Mexican Mock Mojito Sparkler

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Mojitos are very popular particularly during the summer months at garden parties or barbecues. Made as a slightly longer drink, with a dash of sugar or agave syrup, they are a great addition to your parties, particularly if you are serving Mexican food.

Serves: 1


o   5fl.oz/150ml white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc

o   1fl.oz/30ml Tequila Gold

o   2fl.oz/60ml Club Soda or Sparkling Water

o   1tsp agave nectar

o   Large squeeze lime juice

o   Lime wheel

o   1oz/30g caster sugar for decorating glass rim

o   4 or 5 mint leaves

o   1 small sprig mint


Place the caster sugar on a flat plate or board and with a really strong and cold white wine glass, dip the rim into the caster sugar. Do not use a fine glass, as you may break it whilst preparing the cocktail ingredients.

There is a method of preparing fruit and herbs for cocktails, known as ‘muddling’. You need to take the strong white wine glass and a muddler, place the mint leaves and nectar in the bottom along with the squeezed lime juice and use the rounded end of the muddler to crush those ingredients, as you would in a pestle and mortar.

Top with the wine and soda, stir, add the mint garnish and lime wheel.

For a more elegant presentation, by all means use a cocktail glass or finer glass tumbler, but be careful when muddling. You would be best advised to muddle in a separate container and then pour into your chosen glass.

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