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Nutrichef 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Review

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All wine enthusiasts know the importance of keeping their bottles at the optimum temperature in order to keep the flavors fresh, bold and satisfying. A wine cooler is therefore the perfect investment for any budding connoisseurs who are looking to build a collection from the comfort of their own home.

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With all of the features you would expect from a standard wine refrigerator, the Nutrichef 18 bottle wine cooler has plenty of beneficial attributes to boast of  – such as its quiet-running thermo-electric cooling technology. And, with an 18-bottle capacity, which is neither too small nor too large, the Nutrichef is the ideal starting unit for any developing enthusiasts.


NutriChef 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

The reinforced glass door

The Nutrichef Wine Refrigerator has a basic but modern look to it. Built with simple casing and a reinforced glass door, the design is humble but as a result it is neutral enough to fit in seamlessly within any area of your home. Whether that be your living room, home office, or kitchen.

This freestanding model is compact and can therefore either be integrated into a unit or can stand alone as a stylish piece of equipment.

With the standard blue LED light located inside the fridge, your wine bottles are perfectly illuminated so that you can see them through the reinforced glass door without there being any need for you to open and disrupt the temperature inside. The frosted glass edging gives the cooler a unique look, while the clear glass center still allows for you to show off your wine collection to visitors.

With this cooler, you have the added ability of being able to remove any of the five polished chrome shelves that are found inside. This gives you the opportunity to alter the appearance of the unit to your own tastes. You can add in more standing storage space by removing some of the other shelves or take away shelves to make room for larger bottles if desired – all of which will give your unit an even more unique look.

The added benefit of the Nutrichef is that you also have space to store four upright bottles, which adds yet another unique element to the appearance of this refrigerator.

With all of these adjustment options available, the refrigerator has a personal yet practical feel to it.

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How it works

This model functions by using a thermoelectric cooling system. It works by transferring a consistent flow of cool air around the inside of the refrigerator. Unlike other mechanical-based cooling units, the thermoelectric coolers operate using a small and light system that does not vibrate and therefore makes virtually no noise while in use. The built-in circulation fan and rear ventilation mechanisms ensure that your wines are equally cooled, no matter where they are placed inside the main unit.

Digital Touch Button Display


Along with its compact size, it is easy to set up; once delivered, simply pull it out of its packaging, put it into the desired position and plug in! It really is as easy as that to get going.

Located at the top on the outside is the temperature gauge. Its outward location means that the door to the device does not need to be opened when it comes to adjusting the temperature. The basic touch screen technology makes setting the cooler to the optimum temperature very easy. The display can be altered to show either Celsius or Fahrenheit. And, due to its location and the fact that the temperature screen itself is illuminated, it is easy to see even if you have your cooler located on the floor.


At 20 x 13.6 x 25.4 inches, the Nutrichef Wine Cooler is a compact piece of equipment and weights just 33.1 pounds, so it can be easily placed on a countertop or table.


As the Nutrichef operates using a thermoelectric cooling system, this cooler has very few mechanical parts to it and as a result is incredibly quiet.

Perhaps one of the most redeeming features of this cooler is the free-standing area for bottles. This reduces the risk of them spilling once they have been opened and gives the refrigerator a unique yet practical look.

Controlling the temperature couldn’t be easier. Operated using an easy to use touch-button display for temperature adjustment that can be altered with a few clicks to show either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The thermoelectric cooling unit minimizes vibrations that could cause damage to your wines.

The air vents are located on the side and there is a ventilation grill at the rear of the model, so, as long as these areas have some clearance, the wine cooler can be placed inside a cupboard, on the floor, on a table or on a countertop.

The model is compact and only requires minimal clearance at the front to allow for the door to open.

This model also comes in two smaller sizes, one that holds a maximum of 8 bottles and another that is capable of holding 12 bottles. The three models make the Nutrichef the ideal starting point for a would-be wine enthusiast as you can slowly progress up through the models as you build a better understanding and a larger wine collection.

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While the thermoelectric system will ensure that the air inside the cooler is evenly distributed, this unit has been found to struggle to maintain a consistent temperature when the outside air is abnormally warm.

The blue LED light inside the cooler is very bright, so it’s best not to have it in a room that you will want to be completely dark in the evenings.

You will struggle to fit champagne bottles and larger bottles of wine inside the cooler. If you do want to store them inside you may need to remove shelves, rearrange the contents or reduce the number of bottles you’re storing inside of the unit to get them to fit.

This is a single-zone cooler and the lowest temperature the cooler is capable of is 50° F so, while it will be fine for storing red wines at their optimum temperature, it may be necessary to transfer your white wine to the fridge before serving if you want to chill them further.


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