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The Compressor In the Koolatron WC29 Wine Cooler Is the Key

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It takes a good compressor to make it easier for wines in any wine cooler to be chilled properly. You’ve got to find one that can take your wine and chill it well enough while keeping the conditions inside the cooler as consistent as possible.

Koolatron, a popular name in the world of wine coolers, understands that there is a clear need to make sure wines that are to be chilled are handled properly. The Koolatron WC29 is one of the company’s most popular models as it offers a dual-zone compressor that can generate two different temperatures at once.

Design Points

The design on this wine cooler helps make it a popular product. It is 32.5 inches high, 18.5 inches wide and 17.5 inches deep, thus making it easy to use and place in most spots around your home.

This has a solid black body with a series of stainless steel accents on the sides of the doors. The doors are also designed with thick glass bodies that will protect the cooler and keep air from escaping. It also keeps UV rays from moving into the cooler.

There are also leveling feet included on the bottom. You can adjust these and even remove them altogether if required.

The design is also made to use two separate compartments. The top compartment is slightly smaller than the bottom one. Each compartment can also be lit up with a comfortable LED light.

A Technical Look

The technical qualities that come with the Koolatron WC29 are a big part of what makes it worthwhile. This is designed with two different cooling chambers. These can be set at two different temperatures.

These two chambers can be set at temperatures from 42 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, the dividing space in between the two zones will protect the wines and keep them from bearing with more problems relating to the wine being spoiled or bothered in some way.

This will work best when at a space where the ambient temperature is at 72 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. It does generate some heat but not enough to make it a serious problem. Still, it works best when it is in a controlled environment where it will not pose a risk to surrounding areas.

The compressor setup will be very effective as it is designed quite well to adjust the conditions inside the cooler without any struggles. If you are ever trying to give yourself some added help with taking care of your cooling plans then it will certainly help to see how this compressor setup can work for you.

Storing Wine

The process of storing wine within this cooler is very easy to do. This cooler features a top zone that can hold up to ten bottles. Meanwhile, the bottom zone can handle as many as nineteen bottles at a time within that spot.

These two sections both have removable shelves. You can remove them in order to fit larger wine bottles as needed.

There is also a basket located at the bottom end of the cooler. The bottom basket is organized to where you can quickly beer in there with ease. This should give you more control over the experiences you have with the cooler.

The most important part of storing the wines here is that it will be very easy for you to keep your wines from shifting or being harder to handle. The shelves are designed well enough to keep the wine protected while allowing air to move around and flow well within your space. You will have to get air to move around your wines on a consistent basis to be certain that you will have more protection and control within anything you are trying to secure.

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Editor's Rating

Design Points 9.5
Technical Points 9.0
If you're going to store wine bottles in a cooler then you need to use one that will give you more control over how you're going to cool everything. You can quickly store wine in the Koolatron WC29 wine cellar to give you everything that you've ever wanted out of anything you want to get into. Be sure to try this out so you can have a little more help with getting the wine that you've got to be protected as well as possible.
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