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The Cuisinart CWC-800 Private Reserve Wine Cooler Makes Storage Easy

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If you have ever been trying to find a small wine cooler that is compact and easy to place in practically any spot in your home then the Cuisinart CWC-800 is a good choice to find. This is an eight-bottle wine cellar that Cuisinart sells in its Private Reserve collection.

This is small enough to be placed on top of a counter or even in the middle of a cabinet if desired. Even with this small size, it is still strong enough to cool off your wine bottles without generating more energy than what’s needed. It is especially convenient for your requirements and is designed to be effective and suitable for your items.

Design Points

The Cuisinart CWC-800 Private Reserve wine cooler has become one of the company’s most popular models thanks to its small body. This is 17 inches high, 10 inches wide and a little more than 17 inches deep, thus ensuring that it can fit well into any spot. In addition, it is only 26.6 pounds in weight before the wine bottles are added.

This features adjustable feed that can be added or removed as needed. It also has a fine white body plus a double-pane glass window. The window is thick enough to insulate the cooler while making sure the components will not be all that hard to use.

As for the wine racks, there are four such racks to use in this cooler. These are made of chrome materials and are contoured to where you can easily fit a 750mL bottle of wine onto any slot with ease. This all comes with a soft light that can automatically shut off as the door closes. The light will not generate much heat but the fact that it can be turned off automatically means that it will use less energy, thus keeping the cost of operating the cooler down.

The small body will fit well around just about any place in your home. If you want to store it on top of a counter then you can always do so. In fact, the removable feet make it to where you can move it around quickly thanks to some sturdy rubber-based stoppers.

Be aware though that the weight will increase as you add more wine bottles into the cooler. Still, the weight should not be too high up to the point where it might be a challenge for you to keep the cooler up on your surface.

Technical Features

The CWC-800 features an electronic temperature control system on the very top end of the unit. It uses a blue LED light to display the temperature inside the cooler. The buttons to change the temperature or to turn on the light are also clearly labeled. You can quickly adjust the cooler to create a clear design.

This uses one cooling zone and ensures that the conditions inside the cooler are consistent and uniform throughout the entire inside. You can adjust the temperature from 39 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes for a setup that is useful for red and white wines among other wines that require very specific standards for keeping them chilled. Still, the fact that there is only one cooling zone here suggests that you might have to use just one type of wine within the cooler.

The thermoelectric system within the cooler will also help to keep the air moving around inside the cooler without using more energy than what’s necessary. The amount of noise that will be generated will be minimal. The same can be said for the vibrations in the unit.

The cooling materials can be easily seen from outside of the cooler. It is divided up well with several vents on the inside. Each vent will handle plenty of cool air and will work consistently to keep the conditions inside the wine cooler under control.

Unfortunately, this model is not available right now. We suggest you check our best wine coolers guide.


Editor's Rating

Design Points 8.0
Technical Points 8.5
The Cuisinart CWC-800 Private Reserve wine cooler will give you a great spot for cooling off your wine bottles while working without creating more energy than necessary. The wine cooler offers a strong body that is easy to use and will keep the temperature under control. You can store this cooler in practically any place that you might want to use it in.
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