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The Wine Enthusiast Silent 6 Is Comfortable Among All Wine Coolers

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One of the biggest problems that people often have with wine coolers is that they tend to be overly noisy at times. Sometimes this noise can become worse as a cooler is trying to increase the total amount of cool air circulating within it.

The noises can be annoying but these won’t be an issue thanks to the Wine Enthusiast Silent 6. This is a small countertop wine cooler that will not generate lots of noise as it is in use. In addition, it can fit into many spots in your home, what with it being a small unit that will take in six bottles at a time.

How Is It Designed?

The design of the Wine Enthusiast Silent 6 cooler is made to where you can quickly open it up, insert or take out wines and then close it up again. This features a striking black body with a door that has some stainless steel accents on it plus a clear glass window.

This is only 16 inches high and is 19 5/8 inches deep and 10 ½ inches wide. It can be placed in a variety of spaces but it works best when placed on top of a cabinet. Also, Wine Enthusiast does not encourage users to install this into a cabinet or to have it in an enclosed spot.

This is even designed with an internal blue LED light that will not generate any heat. It is very comfortable and can create a beautiful ambient look to the inside of the device.

Technical Qualities

The thermoelectric nature of the Silent 6 is what makes it quiet. You can use this wine cooler without worrying about generating lots of sound at a given time. The air will move around well and the potential for the cooler to vibrate will be practically eliminated.

Meanwhile, it can store wine bottles at a temperature that is easy for you to control and shift as demanded. You can use this with temperatures ranging from 46 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the highest ambient temperature that this works best in is 77 degrees Fahrenheit, thus meaning that this should work just well in a spot that is operating at room temperature conditions.

In addition, this comes with a control panel that is designed to work right on the front of the door. This panel will let you control the temperature inside the cooler and to also turn the light on or off. You can even adjust the cooler to display the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on what you prefer.

The amount of heat generated by the back part of the cooler is also rather minimal. Still, you need to make sure you have a bit of space between the back of the unit and the wall to ensure that the cooler can air itself out properly.

Everything that is used here is designed to ensure that the Quite 6 will live up to its name. It keeps the air moving on the inside while ensuring that it doesn’t make more noise than what’s necessary.

Storage Points

You can store up to six wine bottles at a time here. The shelves on the inside are easy to remove and adjust as needed.

These shelves are also made with chrome materials. They will fit in perfectly with the rest of the cooler. They will not easily bump into the door either.

You should be careful when choosing to store different wine bottles in the Silent 6 cooler though. The Silent 6 can handle standard 750mL Bordeaux bottles for the best results.

While it can easily take in many other wine bottles, you should be cautious when using them. You may have to remove a few shelves to get them to fit into the cooler. This should not discourage you from storing those bottles inside this cooler as it is rather versatile in terms of how you can organize everything on the inside.

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Editor's Rating

Design Points 9.5
Technical Points 9.0
The Wine Enthusiast Silent 6 wine cooler will give you a great experience that you will be bound to love when it comes to taking care of your wine bottles. This is a small device that will take in a few wine bottles and keep them chilled without using any more noise in the process than what is really needed.
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