VinoTemp Wine Coolers Compared: Which is Best?

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Founded in Los Angeles in 1985, Vinotemp is one of the leading wine cooler manufacturers on the market today. Each cooler comes with a one-year model warranty, and an extended five-year warranty on the compressor unit itself. Vinotemp units typically draw 3 amps of power (4 amps for the 2500 cooling unit). The company makes some of the classiest and most attractive looking options in the wine storage industry. Many of which are decorative in nature and greatly add to the appeal of the room they are placed in.

If you’re searching for an elegant yet efficient appliance to store your prized wines in, you’re looking in the right place. With a great variety of models in different styles and designs, Vinotemp is an excellent brand. Here are some of their finest models with a description of each and how they perform at protecting and maintaining the temperature of your wines.

Vinotemp 18 Bottle Wine Cooler and Cellar

This uniquely designed cooler has a vintage look that will complement your home décor. It resembles a beautiful antique cabinet, and would fit right in at any dining room, home bar, den, or kitchen. Its design is unlike any other wine storage product on the market.

Vinotemp 18 Bottle Wine CoolerIt features two temperature zones, each with its own respective temperature control knob. It runs on a virtually silent thermoelectric cooling system that doesn’t give off any disruptive vibrations. A thermal glass door helps keep temperatures stable inside. It contains six sliding metal shelves, which are illuminated by an interior light that is bright enough to be able to read the label on any bottle. It also features a convenient storage drawer and pull-out serving tray.

This freestanding, furniture-style unit looks great in any room. It has a wooden exterior that allows it to easily match with tables, desks, and anything wooden. The drawer makes it a fully functioning piece of furniture. You can put wine related items in it such as an aerator, bottle opener, or cork screw. This is one of the best and most unique wine cellars that money can buy.

Vinotemp VT-6TED-WB 6 Bottle Wall-Mounted Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, Black

Vinotemp VT-6TED-WB
This model mounts on any wall for convenient placement anywhere in the house. Its unique design adds to the ambience of any room, and will rouse the attention of any guest. It takes blank, otherwise unusable space in your kitchen, dining room, or other area of the house, and transforms it into a useful place for your wine cooler. Having a wall mounted appliance saves floor or counter space for other appliances and allows extra room for storage and preparing food.

The VT-6TED-WB uses a thermoelectric cooling unit for limited sound and no harmful vibrations. The area inside the unit is designed for standard bottles. It should be placed on sturdy walls only. The temperature control for the unit’s single temperature zone is located conveniently on the front. Its sleek black dual-paned glass door allows labels to be seen clearly with the help of an interior LED light.

With a temperature range from 45-68 degrees Fahrenheit, this product is ideal for both red and white wines. The wall mounted capability makes this a highly unique option that opens new possibilities for how you can arrange or decorate the room it’s in without having to sacrifice any floor space. This is a fantastic choice for those who are looking for a decorative, stylish 6 bottle wine cooler.

Vinotemp VT-7BMSL-FE 7-Bottle Mirrored Wine Cooler, Black

Vinotemp VT-7BMSL-FE 7-Bottle
This exquisitely crafted cooler will add character and class to any room of your home. It’s less of a bar room accessory and more of a modern, sleek appliance that would heighten the sense of style of a room. Wine connoisseurs will be dazzled by it’s one of a kind, patent-pending build. A mirror finish on the front of the unit reflects with almost the same clarity as a mirror you would find hung on the wall of a closet.

An LED temperature display in the center shines through the glass of the door so you can monitor the unit’s temperature without opening it. Touch temperature control allows you to easily make adjustments from the outside. Its thermoelectric cooling capacity ranges from 40-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Vinotemp VT-7BMSL-FEThe VT-7BMSL-FE’s slim, stand-alone design allows you to fit it into tight spaces, or place it on its own so guests can appreciate its stylish look. When it attracts the attention of your guests or visitors, you’ll have a great introduction to sharing a glass of wine and showing off your most prized bottles. Its six wire pull-out shelves fit standard bottles comfortably. An inner blue LED light also allows you to view your collection from the outside. This all metal and glass unit will keep your best bottles cool and look outstanding with your home décor.

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Vinotemp 58-Bottle Wine Cooler with Interior Display, Stainless/Black

Vinotemp 58-Bottle Wine Cooler
This efficient option can be used either free standing or installed into a kitchen counter, island, or bar. Its stainless steel trimmed design gives it a high quality look. It fits in well with other appliances typically found in a kitchen, as the classical design is familiar and appropriate.

It uses a highly accurate compressor cooling system with a negligible soft noise. Cooling operation can’t be heard from other rooms and even when standing near the unit, the sound is faint and non-obtrusive. Temperature inside the unit is displayed at all times in the center. Six removable wire racks can hold up to 58 standard bottles. In order to fit a row of oversized bottles, such as champagne, a rack must be removed.

This appliance is large enough to hold all of your finest, most valuable wines and then some. It ranges from 45°- 65° Fahrenheit. A blue interior light shines bright enough to help distinguish bottle from bottle when it’s fully packed, but the racks may need to be slid out to read the labels. For a large capacity cooler that fits in well at home, this high grade unit would be an excellent decision.

Vinotemp VT-18PTED-2Z 18 Bottle Dual-Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, Black

Vinotemp VT-18PTED-2Z
For storage of up to 18 standard bottles in a smoothly designed appliance, this is a top choice. The bottom fits 12 for red, and the top fits 6 for white, although the ratio can be changed to match your collection or preference. It uses a very quiet, efficient thermoelectric system. A temperature control panel is situated on the outside of the door.

Mirror finished transparent glass trimmed with stainless pvc accents makes this unit a fabulous additional to the kitchen, dining room, or home bar. It’s freestanding, and looks great placed on any countertop. Blue LED light illuminates the racks, allowing you to choose the ideal bottle for your evening before even opening the cooler door.

Having a dual zone cooler is a must for lovers of both red and white varieties. This low capacity option will be easy on your electric bill and will maintain whichever prized bottles you keep in it, ensuring that they are stored properly and kept ready to serve.

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