What Type of Cabinet Surface Will a Wine Cooler Fit In Best At?

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While cabinets can be great to have in your home, there can come a time when you might have too many cabinets and not enough things to place in them. You might have to choose to remove some cabinets and replace them with something that is actually going to be functional. This will not only make your space look more attractive but it will actually be more valuable as the amount of empty space that you’ll have will be reduced.

One option to consider is to remove some cabinets and replace them with a wine cooler. You can do this regardless of the type of cooler you have.

For instance, you can use a smaller under-cabinet wine cooler and have that fit in next to other smaller cabinets. It can fit into a spot just like what you’d get out of an oven or dishwasher. This is perfect if you only have a few wine bottles to work with at a given time.

In addition, you can use a taller and larger wine cooler that is a few feet in height and place it in a wide open space. This can be done in a manner akin to what a refrigerator and freezer might use. This is still best for cases where you have loads of wine bottles to work with.

However, you need to be certain that you choose a good place for your cooler to fit in at. Wine coolers are designed with many finishes including ones that feature wooden or steel textures. With this in mind, you have to think carefully about the cabinet surfaces that your wine cooler will go next to.

Dark Cabinets Are Great To Use

A large number of today’s wine coolers are designed with darker bodies. These will fit in quite well with darker cabinets. This works particularly well with some black or dark brown tones. It allows the cooler to blend in with the other things within the area.

In addition, stainless steel-bodied wine coolers can fit in with some of these darker cabinets as well. Steel makes for a good contrast that is not too extreme and will easily fit in quite well within your cabinet.

What’s more is that the ambient light that comes with many of today’s coolers will fit in perfectly within a dark cabinet. The potential for your cabinet to be chilled the right way can be important so you can keep a sense of control within your cabinet and ensure that whatever you have is chilled right.

What About Lighter Cabinets?

You can also use your wine cooler in a spot where the cabinets are a little lighter in color. In particular, a darker cooler can create a distinguishable and attractive accent that mixes in well with the lighter cabinets to create a dramatic contrast. This contrast will turn anyone’s attention towards the cooler but it will not stick out far too much to the point where the ruins the entire complexion of the cabinet setup.

It is typically not a good idea to have a steel-colored cooler within a lighter cabinet. As attractive as some of these steel options can be, they are better suited towards some of the darker cabinets that you can choose from. You will have to be careful with this in mind so you will have a smart space to store your wines in without having a setup that may be a little too complicated or difficult to work with.

How About Plain Wood Colors?

Sometimes lighter wood tones may be used around the cabinets in your space. You can always add a fine cooler to a wood cabinet area but it’s best to see if the cooler itself has any wooden accents on its body. Specifically, you should stick with coolers that have wooden bodies or at least racks that have wooden ends if you’re going to place one into a wood-colored cabinet area.

You should see that you’re careful when choosing a fine spot for you to store your wines in. Wine coolers are versatile enough to be placed in many spots but you must always make sure you stick your wines in the right areas and with the best possible units so you’ll have more control over what you might hold in your spot.

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