When Should You Defrost Your Wine Cooler?

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Have you ever taken a look at that grate or other solid material inside a fridge or freezer? The odds are you have seen lots of icy snow-like materials build up on it over time. These are more than just things that are going to stick around inside your cooler for a while. They are also things that can make it to where your wine cooler is not going to operate as well as it should.

This build-up can end up hurting the quality of your fridge or freezer. It will create a clear space that will do more than just increase the amount of space for storing things on the inside. It will also keep the heat transfer that comes from outside the cabinet from being impacted. This in turn keeps the unit from using far too much energy.

Defrost Your Wine CoolerYou can do this with your own wine cooler right now. If you have a wine cooler that has to be defrosted then you can do this with a few simple steps:

  1. Remove the wine from your cooler. You don’t want the icy build-up to get all over the bottles.
  2. Be sure to also remove the shelves from the cooler. This is provided that the cooler actually has a body that allows you to remove the shelves.
  3. Unplug the cooler so the power is off all the way.
  4. Allow the door to stay open. Plenty of air should move into your cooler at this point.
  5. Allow the ice to melt from within the cooler.
  6. Drain the ice out from the cooler.
  7. Make sure you clean out the inside as well. A towel can be used although it helps to use water to wipe down the surface.
  8. After this is done, you can plug the cooler back in and add the wine into it again. Don’t forget to add the shelves as needed.

This is a process that will take a varying amount of time to complete based on how much ice is in there and what you are doing. Sometimes adding a small amount of heat to the cooler can help with making the process of defrosting it go by a little faster.

The exact schedule for when you have to defrost your wine cooler should be checked appropriately. You might have to defrost your cooler every four months on average. Many wine cooler manufacturers suggest that you should defrost your space every year. However, if you do it two or three times in the course of a year then it should be easier for you to clear out whatever you might hold.

You must see that you get your defrosting process under control with enough control. There are many good things to think about in the process of getting a cooler ready:

  • You need to be certain that you have a towel or other material right next to the cooler as you defrost it. Allow the towel to take in any water that might fall off of the cooler so you’ll have a little more control over what you are holding.
  • Make sure the cooler is in an open space so it will not be at risk of damaging any counter surfaces or cabinets.
  • Check to see how rough the cooler works after you are done defrosting it. The air should be consistent and capable of moving out quite well. If the air does not appear to be moving as well as it should then you might have to get your cooler repaired.
  • Check and see if the cooler is operating properly without creating any excess noises or vibrations. The defrosting process should have cleared out enough materials to keep it from suffering from more stress than needed. If the cooler appears to be vibrating or making any unnecessary noises then you should ask to get your space inspected.

Be careful when getting your wine cooler taken care of. You have to be certain that your wine cooler is capable of giving you the best possible quality that you deserve when it comes to keeping your wines cool and chilled as well as possible. If you keep your space cleared out and cleaned properly then it should be very easy for your surface to stay comfortable so the threats that may come about will not be as strong as they could potentially be.


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