Will the Light In Your Wine Cooler Hurt Anything?

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It’s important to ensure that you keep your wines away from extreme heat and light. The problem with these conditions is that they can cause oxidation to develop within your wines. This in turn can keep them from being as full-bodied or enjoyable as they are supposed to be. Simply put, they will age faster than necessary and will therefore not be all that attractive to use.

Naturally, you might have some concerns about the use of a light inside your wine cooler. This light is typically designed to illuminate the cooler as you open it up. In addition, a light may be used to create an ambient look to your cooler.

However, you should not have to worry ab out the light in your wine cooler. The light is not going to hurt your wines in the least. This is thanks in part to how today’s coolers are designed with interesting features in mind.

LED Lights Are the Key

A critical part of what makes a cooler work as well as it can is the use of LED lighting. Light Emitting Diode technology has become a staple in many different coolers. LED technology uses a small chip in a bulb to generate the light in a spot. This can be used to create light in many colors and intensities alike.

This will provide you with the coverage that you need in order to keep your wine from being at risk of spoilage. That’s because LED lighting is not going to generate lots of heat like what you’d get from a traditional bulb. Therefore, the temperatures within your cooler will not be influenced in any manner.

Be advised that these are often available on some of the newest models out there. There’s always that potential that you might not have an LED light on an older model. This can be a hassle as an older light might generate heat, thus requiring you to keep the door closed for as long as possible. LED lighting corrects this annoying problem.

The Color Helps Too

In addition, a large number of wine coolers will contain LED lights that are designed with blue colors in mind. That is, they will create darker light tones that are not too intense. This means that the wine on the inside will not be hurt in any manner.

This is perfect as you could practically keep the blue LED light on for as long as you want without worrying about the wines being harmed. The light can be used for ambient purposes.

This functionality can also be made possible in that the LED bulb will not wear out all that quickly. LEDs are known to last for years on end.

You could always try to adjust the lights in your cooler with a customized feature. This feature can allow you to adjust the intensity of the lights or to even use different colors as you might see fit. You may have to spend extra money just to get something that you can adjust and alter on your own.

Auto-Off Helps Too

Sometimes you can choose to keep the lights inside your cooler off when the door is closed. This can be made possible thanks to a mechanism in your cooler that will trigger the light as it comes on. The light can be triggered by having it turn on and off based on where the door is positioned. This can be used quite well to keep the light from bothering everyone all the time.

You may want to see how the mechanism works though. Some models will allow you to turn the light sensor on or off. This can allow you to control the way how the light is triggered and if it will stay on. Remember, this works best if you have a light that uses an LED bulb.

Be sure to see how the lighting is designed to work within your wine cooler. You should see that the lighting will work quite well in most cases and will be effective enough to keep you from being at risk of serious problems relating to your wines. The lighting technology that is being used in today’s coolers has made it to where it will be very easy for many of these great setups to be active and useful for your demands.

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